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MPM’s robust marketing, rent analysis, and use of state of the art leasing technology reduce vacancy time and gets your property occupied in the shortest period possible. Our aggressive renewal programs extend occupancy periods, reducing economic loss due to vacancy and turn costs.  Our senior management team keeps tabs on every vacancy and makes adjustments twice per week to ensure your property is quickly filled with the highest quality renter.

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MPM’s tenant screening and approval processes secure the lowest-risk tenants for your properties. We only place the best possible tenants in your property. We know that the longer a tenant stays in your property, the better your investment returns. By screening tenants thoroughly, we improve the odds of long term tenancy. We run credit reports, verify employment income, run debt to income ratios and review previous rental history looking for the markers we’ve identified that provide the best odds of getting good Tenants in your property.

Lower maintenance expenses start with higher occupancy.  When the occasion arises where a turn is necessary, Meridian’s experienced team leverages it’s homebuilding and maintenance experience and contractors to provide you with the most cost-effective repair solutions.  We also actively review each repair to determine strategic improvements that will mitigate future repair costs and will benefit the homeowner in the long run.

Communication is the key to success.  Meridian keys in on keeping owners and tenants actively informed throughout any high-alert ownership periods (vacancies, turns, larger-scope repairs) while providing passive communication methods to ensure owners have the ability to review status of their properties at any time through our online portal.   We assign a single point of contact for each Owner so that our staff gets to know your property, Tenants, and You!  This helps ensure accurate, timely information from a source that is familiar with your investment.

Meridian aggressive, no-nonsense policy of rent collection has resulting is collection rates of 98.52% in 2016 and a 98.36% collection rate for 2017.  We aim to eliminate the small balances left on Tenant ledgers that ultimately wind up shorting the security deposit.  We focus on creating payment habits where Tenants understand that rent is due and expected on the 1st and late on the 5th.  Payment history is reported to credit agencies and any rent or maintenance shortfalls are provided to collection agencies for recovery.

Meridian provides timely, detailed monthly reports that provide owners with the information needed to get a clear picture of their investment returns.