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Our Approach, The Meridian Method

Founded by Jeffrey King and Kevin Conlon, Meridian utilizes a scientific-data driven approach to property management.  Meridian believes wholeheartedly in the belief that you can’t improve what you don’t measure and they utilize this approach throughout their property management business.  Incorporating the philosophy of continuous measurable improvement has provided results far superior of that of our competition, and provides insight into key property management areas that most property managers fail to leverage.

The Truth About Fees

Jeff breaks down why fees are important, but not always the most important lens to measure property management effectiveness.

Average Tenancy + Economic Occupancy

Jeff discusses average tenancy and economic occupancy and why they are relevant for property management.

Fees Vs. ROI

Jeff explains the long game and overall return on investment from the Meridian approach to serve our investors.

Meridian Property Management on Google

Jeff discusses some interesting proof points that show we have our owners interests at the forefront of our operations.

Vacancy and its Impact

Jeff discusses vacancy and its true impact on your investment property and a strategy to avoid high vacancy.

Questions for Property Managers

Jeff provides some great questions to ask when evaluating property managers for your investment.